Fastway Launches Flash Integrated Scale Ball Mount

Fastway Scale Ball Mount ISBM

Fastway has expanded its Flash Ball Mount line, to include the Integrated Scale Ball Mount (ISBM). The product features an integrated tongue weight scale that helps trailer owners reach proper tongue weight for each trailer load for improved towing performance and greater safety.

The ISBM is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs less than half of comparable steel ball mounts which makes carrying, adjusting and installing the ISBM easier.

Tongue weight should be 10-15 percent of the total trailer weight. The ISBM makes it easy to know if the trailer is properly loaded by showing how much of the trailer weight is on the tongue or where the trailer meets the ball mount. With a properly balanced load, drivers can enjoy improved steering, better braking control and reduced trailer sway.

Fastway officials say the ISBM provides a new way of weight measurement by using a mechanical spring in the mount. Jason Harper, an engineer who helped design the ISBM, said it is “a simple design that helps bring durability, longevity and peace of mind.”

To watch a video about the ISBM, click here.

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