First Look at Tesla Fifth Wheel Concept

Tesla Cybertruck pulling futuristic fifth wheel

The first Tesla Cybertruck isn’t slated to roll off the line until late 2021, but that hasn’t stopped Tesla enthusiasts from making big plans for the upcoming electric truck—including designing concepts for futuristic, Tesla-inspired RVs for the Cybertrucks to pull.

Inside EVs shared computer renderings of one such concept RV from a Twitter user with the handle “The Tesladorian” — a fifth wheel with an angular style very much like the Cybertruck. The RV in the rendering has a plain, metallic gray exterior bearing a closer resemblance to vehicles from science fiction films than the pattern-adorned units OEMs currently produce.

Though this “Cyber Fifth Wheel” remains solidly in the “interesting idea” stage as opposed to reality, it could point the way toward one possible direction RVs may take when Tesla’s Cybertruck enters the market.

Click here to read more at Inside EVs.

A Tesla Cybertruck pulls a futuristic-looking concept fifth wheel.


A Tesla Cybertruck pulls a futuristic-looking concept fifth wheel.

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