First Optima RV Battery Revealed

A picture of the new Optima Battery dual purpose lithium battery.

Optima Batteries on Nov. 2 released its first 12-volt lithium-ion battery specifically for RV and marine use.

The Optima Batteries app provides battery data management and scheduling unusual temperature or voltage alarm alerts. Information such as charge state, battery status, battery and cell health, error logs and product manuals are available.

Optima said the battery eradicated uneven charging or discharging issues. The CPR function disconnects the battery when parasitic energy draws begin to drain the battery.

A battery management system regulates functions, providing a longer lifespan and enhanced performance. Optima said the battery technology promotes low-temperature performance.

The product comes in dual-purpose and deep-cycle models. The dual-purpose model holds 1,536-watt-hours while the deep-cycle model has 1,920-watt-hours of storage. Optima said both models have the power to fuel a small hunting cabin.

The battery is compatible with Optima’s Digital 200+, 400+ and 1200+ battery chargers and performance maintainers. Optima said the battery offers benefits such as reduced weight and increased efficiency.

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