Flats Over Unveils Run-Flat Insert

A picture of RV Safety Band's run-flat insert

Flats Over released the elastomer run-flat system with an advanced locking mechanism.

The RV Safety Band is an elastomer run-flat device fitted to the inside of the rim. In the event of a tire blowout or deflation, RV Safety Band provides full control and mobility beyond the incident site. Flats Over said the driver retained the ability to choose a stopping point rather than being forced to pull over immediately.

“We are pleased to serve the American RV community as well as the military, law enforcement, and civilian security drivers around the world,” said Claudio Colicchio, US Safety Band executive director, the exclusive distributor of Flats Over in North America. “We are transferring decades of experience and technology from high-risk environments to the RV industry.”

The company cited Department of Transportation information stating tire issues are the first vehicle-related factor in fatal crashes.

“Motorhomes and towables can use the RV Safety Band to enhance the drivers’ capabilities when dealing with tire-related emergencies on the road,” said Gerard Corona, US Safety Band product specialist. “Our RV run-flat, which is made of the same rubber used in tires and our patented locking mechanism, is the ultimate solution for controlling the RV after a tire blowout and provides up to 25 miles after the full deflation and/or tire damage.”

Flats Over recently appointed US Safety Band, a Florida-based startup, as its exclusive North American distributor. Initial Flats Over products available include RV Safety Band for 22.5-inch aluminum wheels in Type A motorcoaches. Starting in September, Flats Over said product inventory would be available for pre-order at www.rvsafetyband.com or by emailing [email protected]

A picture of RV Safety Band's run-flat insert inside an Alcoa wheel

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