Fleming Launches Two New RV Griddle Products

An image of the Fleming griddle hitch product

Fleming Sales Company, a 4th generation RV supplier, announced the launch of two new RV griddle products based on a hitch-integrated design.

The first is the company’s new Griddle N Stow #20202 that features a swinging steel arm and platform that attaches to a 4” square bumper. The platform has predrilled holes that accommodate a 17” or 22” griddles, by far the most popular sizes among consumers.  In addition to offering a secure operating station to griddle outside. It has a steel flange that prevents the arm from sliding back and hitting the coach.  It also has a locking pin that secures the arm to the coach. For safety reasons the griddle must be removed from the platform to safely secure in a locked mode for transport. The griddle should never be left on the piece in a transit mode.

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Fleming announced that these new griddle/bumper products are made in the USA out of heavy duty, black powder-coated steel. According to the company, this unit is trademarked with patents pending.

An image of the new Fleming hitch griddle 20202

The second product introduced by Fleming is their new Griddle N Hitch #62320 which offers a steel arm and platform accommodates a 17” and 22” griddle to make a great tailgating or camping experience. Easy

to assemble, the Griddle N Hitch becomes the outdoor kitchen piece for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Available August 1st, 2020.  The Griddle N Hitch is trademarked with patents pending.

Fleming is celebrating its 75th year in the industry this year. The family-owned company makes many of its products in America, and will continue to roll out new outdoor recreation-focused products, like the new griddles, to further build on a long company history.

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