Furrion Launches ARCTIC Refrigerator Series

A picture of a Furrion ARCTIC refrigerator

Aftermarket and OE supplier Furrion launched its ARCTIC refrigerator series last week.

The built-in, 12V units are available in 8 and 10-cubic-feet offerings. The company stated the products are powerful yet quiet, with a cooling system that is safer and 30 percent more efficient than the market’s gas absorption models.

“The one thing you never want to stress about when traveling is your food,” Furrion’s co-founder and CEO Aaron Fidler said. “It seems so simple, but we hear horror stories from customers that are coming to Furrion for a better solution, so we are always innovating to ensure our products offer the best experience out there. These new ARCTIC models offer the sophisticated design we are known for, all while providing advanced cooling that is intelligent and energy-efficient.”

The ARCTIC line was built with safety in mind, the company stated, and uses non-flammable, non-corrosive and ozone-friendly refrigerant. On the other hand, Furrion stated gas absorption technology is dated, inefficient and operates using potentially harmful chemicals.

“Unlike gas absorption, ARCTIC is able to operate on uneven terrain or slight inclines without compromising efficiency, ensuring food always stays at the right temperature,” the company stated.

The product’s front-facing airflow ventilation system increases cooling efficiency by keeping hot air out of the cavity, Furrion stated. Its new magnetic fan makes it 50 percent quieter than previous models. Glass shelving and a carbon filter keep food fresh and dry, the company added.

With no side, top, or back ventilation needed, the ARCTIC offers increased compressor efficiency and up to 33 percent more storage capacity than comparable models,” Furrion stated.

Maintaining temperatures up to 60 hours with a standard battery, ARCTIC lasts nearly four times longer than other models in the market, Furrion stated. The unit is available in stainless steel and high-gloss black.

“For those who go off-grid often, the ARCTIC coupled with Furrion’s modular off-grid energy system is the most comprehensive solution to ensure you always have fresh food and cold drinks for those off-grid adventures,” the company stated.

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