Getting Involved With State Outdoor Rec Offices

A color-coded map showing states with OREC offices

The RV industry can directly benefit from the 17 states that have established Offices of Outdoor Recreation (OREC). For those living in a state with an OREC, there are a variety of ways to get involved. Representatives from ORECs get involved in legislative affairs, advocate for improved park infrastructure and promote outdoor recreation.

To effectively use these offices to further the growth of the RV industry across the country, engagement from RV companies with OREC offices is necessary. Companies can engage with these offices in a variety of ways, including serving on a task force or advisory committee. The following are some additional ways to get involved.

Participate in Councils and Task Forces

Several OREC offices or task forces have accompanying Industry Advisory Councils to advise the OREC director. Having RV industry representation on these Councils is an extremely valuable contribution that RV Industry Association members can make to ensure the industry has a voice as the Council makes recommendations to the OREC director (and other state agency staff) on ways to improve partnerships, collaborative strategies and policies that will increase the outdoor recreation economy, employment and consumer spending and support conservation and public recreation assets.

Invite OREC Directors to Industry Events

Inviting OREC directors to RV industry events is an opportunity to showcase all the RV industry has to offer.

Introduce OREC Directors to RV Companies

As these offices are established, it is critical that RV companies in the state introduce themselves to the new OREC directors. The RVIS’s government affairs team is working in conjunction with other outdoor recreation groups through the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable to provide new and existing OREC Directors with a one-stop, organized document of the top outdoor recreation contacts in each state with a new or existing OREC office. These contacts will be the resources for OREC directors as they seek advice in different areas of decision-making, including inviting industry stakeholders to participate in roundtables and serve on advisory councils.

For more information on how to get involved with the OREC offices across the country, contact RV Industry Association Legislative Analyst Ashley Brinkman at [email protected].

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