Go RVing Identifies Entrepreneur Trends

A picture of consumers getting keys to an RV rental at their home.

Go RVing’s August monthly trends report focuses on entrepreneurial aspirations of younger generations.

A Canvas8 report found 10% of Gen Z consumers plan to start their own business in the next six months. An Axiom survey found families who travel are 80% more likely to have someone in the household who owns a business.

Go RVing said side hustles are increasing, in part thanks to TikTok. Because the social-media platform easily shares money-making ideas—including remote transcription, print-on-demand clothes and vending machine operation—young consumers are seeking more control over their time and income.

CNBC cited a Microsoft survey finding Gen Z consumers are more likely to have multiple side hustle jobs than be small-business owners.

“As younger generations look to align their work and personal aspirations,” GoRVing said, “the RV industry can support rising entrepreneurs and side hustlers by:

Demonstrating how working from an RV offers flexibility, inspiration, excitement and relaxation without compromising productivity.

Targeting young entrepreneurs to inform them of the unique entrepreneur opportunities the growing RV industry provides through owning and renting RVs through the peer-to-peer ecosystem or even becoming a mobile RV repair technician.”

Go RVing also noted TikTok’s introduction of TikTok Shop, a feature enabling merchants, brands and creators to sell products on the platform.

“Social media has become an essential launchpad for small businesses and personal brands,” Go RVing said. “Shopping features on social-media channels like Facebook, Instagram and now TikTok are reimagining how users find and purchase products. It is critical for RV dealers and the entire RV and camping industry to recognize the growth potential of social commerce and the changing purchasing behaviors of young consumers. By adapting social content strategies and leveraging shopping features across platforms, RV brands can help young consumers discover and engage with RVing in new ways.”

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