Go RVing Releases Latest Trend Report

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Go RVing released its October RV industry trends report detailing ways to attract more Hispanic RVers, autumn travel planning and TikTok’s evolution.

Connecting with Hispanic RVers

The United States will have a 28% Hispanic population by 2060, and building connections with future Hispanic RVers will be necessary if the RV industry is to expand, the report said.

“We are seeing a rise in how Hispanic customers celebrate their identity,” Go RVing said.

According to the report, using social media is a great avenue to reach the Hispanic community. At least 23% of Hispanic consumers are likely to use Instagram and over 22% are using TikTok.

“This is an excellent opportunity to connect with them, leveraging the right channels and addressing their needs and behaviors. We should show an understanding of their values, traditions and culture to pave the way for long-term development,” Go RVing said.

Planning a Trip

The 2022 TripAdvisor Fall Travel Index reported that 61% of US respondents are planning trips before winter and 28% of Americans expect to take a trip between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

With an extended travel season into the fall, Go RVing recommended decorations, amusement parks and scenic travel as industry motivators to convince current and new customers to try something different or start a new tradition.

Next Generation App

TikTok has seen explosive growth among younger consumers during the past few years, becoming the most downloaded app in 2021 with more than 30 million active users, the report said.

“TikTok is the go-to platform to discover new music, propelling songs into the mainstream and top of charts like the Billboard 100 and Spotify Viral 50 … now you can buy tickets on it,” Go RVing said.

In addition, 40% of GenZers prefer using TikTok as a search engine over Google. Go RVing said the RV industry should not underestimate being discoverable in online searches.

“TikTok is the latest relevant app for most internet and mobile users. For Go RVing, this is a great channel top connect with travelers and help them connect with campgrounds, national parks, and recreational facilities,” Go RVing said.

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