Heartland Debuts Improved Air Conditioning System

A graphic image showing air flowing in and through Heartland RV's Trio Airflow A/C System.

Heartland RV is introducing a new air conditioning system across select 2024 models. The system, designed by RV Airflow Systems, provides more efficient cooling with less sound and colder temperatures, the manufacturer said.

The Trio Airflow A/C System uses RV Airflow Systems’ patent-pending new technology. A custom-designed, proprietary rotear helps catch and guide air into the ducts more effectively. Then, a block installed in the plenum reduces air turbulence, creating more powerful airflow through the ductwork.

A picture of the vent regulating airflow through Heartland RV's Trio Airflow A/C System.

Splice blocks support the ducts and enable more precision in fitting where ducts meet, further reducing air loss and inefficiency. The components work together to capture more air, funnel it where it needs to go and reduce the elements disrupting power and airflow, Heartland said.

John Hambrick, Heartland RV service liaison, R&D and compliance manager, said: “The innovative design of the new Trio Airflow A/C System helps cool RVs better and quicker than before. With Trio, every vent gets equal airflow, which results in cooler air and faster cooling for a more responsive climate control system.”

By cutting down on airflow inefficiency, Trio uses less energy. The improved airflow requires less time to reach comfortable temperatures, requiring less energy output than comparable models. Because the airflow is more powerful, Trio also reaches cooler temperatures.

A picture of the vent blades regulating airflow through Heartland RV's Trio Airflow A/C System.

“Camping is all about letting go of everyday stress and connecting with your surroundings and the people you are with,” Hambrick said. “The last thing campers need is an air conditioner that makes it harder to relax in peace or engage with one another.”

The Trio Airflow A/C System will be available on all new 2024 Heartland models beginning in November.

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