Hot Shot’s Secret Expands RV Product Line

A picture of new generator oil and coolant products released by Hot Shots Secret

Hot Shot’s Secret expanded its RV-formulated product line.

The product line added two new 150,000-mile, maintenance-free engine antifreeze/coolants. Hot Shot’s Secrets also added two full synthetic Group III RV generator engine oils; one for gasoline-powered engines (10W-30) and one for diesel-powered engines (15W-40).

The new products join the gasoline and diesel fuel additives, engine oil additive, transmission additive and slide-out lubricant currently on the market.

Hot Shot’s Secret’s new generator oils are engineered to reduce oil consumption. RV generators typically run at high operating temperatures with constant load for an extended time. To combat problems often associated with small engines, Hot Shot’s Secret developed a fully synthetic Group III generator oil infused with patented FR3 nanotechnology and a heavy-duty additive package to protect against heat, oxidation and deposits.

The 15W-40 diesel generator oil reduced engine wear by 71% in the Cummins ISM severe service test, the company said. The diesel oil reduced oil consumption by 78% in the Cat 1N test. The 10W-30 gasoline generator oil reduced wear by up to 47% more than a leading competitor in third-party testing, the company said.

Hot Shot’s Secret’s antifreeze/coolants are formulated to meet heavy-duty diesel RV or motorhome engine maintenance requirements. The pink color formula is formulated for Cummins diesel engines. The red formula was formulated specifically for CAT diesel engines.

Both feature added thermal, rust and corrosion inhibitors that ensure cooling and long-lasting protection as well as a hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) additive package and stabilization system.

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