Jackery Reveals New Generator Line

A picture of Jackery solar generators on a grass covered spot with mountains in the background.

Jackery launched three new Plus Series portable solar generators.

The additions include three new models: Solar Generator 300 Plus, 700 Plus, and 1000 Plus.

After releasing the Solar Generator 2000 Plus earlier this year, Jackery said the three new additions fulfill the growing need for green energy with minimum hassle.

The 300 Plus weighs 11 pounds and combines a solar panel and energy storage system. The generator is made to fit in an average-sized backpack.

The 300 Plus includes a SolarSaga 40-watt, pad-sized solar panel with a four-fold design. The generator has 18 working states accessible on a touchscreen.

The generator can charge two devices simultaneously and can be charged fully in around two hours, even in temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 700 Plus has a 1,000-watt output and a 680-watt-hour battery capacity. The power is enough to run devices from kitchen appliances to electronics.

The 1000 Plus has a 2,000-watt output and a 1,264-watt-hour battery capacity. The battery capacity is expandable to 5,056-watt-hours of power.

The 1000 Plus features a LiFePO4 lithium battery expected to last 10 years with daily use. After 4,000 charge cycles, Jackery said, the battery retains 70% of its capacity.

The power station charges from 0 to 100% through fast wall charging in as little as 100 minutes. The 1000 Plus operates at 30 decibels.

The 1000 Plus includes two 100-watt solar panels. A 1000 Plus kit adds a battery pack.

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