Lippert Unveils Flexible Solar Awning

A picture of the Solera OG, a Lippert Solar Awning on a travel trailer.

Lippert Components, Inc. launched Solera OG, off-grid awnings constructed using a flexible solar awning fabric. Lippert said the flexible solar awning fabric is an industry-first.

In an exclusive partnership with Renogy, Lippert will provide customers with an awning integrated with photovoltaic technology (AIPV). The awning’s solar cells will generate between 200 and 300 watts of solar power, depending on whether the awning is extended or retracted.

Xponent Power announced a retractable awning covered with solar panels in the fall of 2021. The awnings were displayed at January’s NTP-Stag distributor show, although Xponent did not expect to begin shipping awnings until at least the fourth quarter of 2023.

Lippert’s Solera OG (off-grid) brand awnings meet a growing consumer demand for more readily accessible energy independence, the company said.

“As the demand for solar power in off-grid living continues to surge, we are excited to reshape the landscape through the continuous innovation of our product offering,” said Andrew Mock, Lippert VP of RV sales. “With their lightweight design, Solera OG awnings are poised to redefine the boundaries of solar power integration.”

The Solera OG awnings are set to be released in fall 2023.A picture of the Lippert Solera OG Solar Awning Fully Extended

“We are excited for this opportunity to stand at the forefront of solar power accessibility,” said Mark Boessler, Lippert VP of aftermarket sales. “With their lightweight design and cutting-edge technology, our Solera OG awnings redefine the possibilities of sustainable energy integration, revolutionizing the way the users harness the sun’s power for off-grid living.”

According to Renogy CEO Yi Li, Renogy solar panels have provided consumers with dependable off-grid power for 13 years.

“We are excited to be partnering with Lippert,” Yi Li said, “to make solar energy even more accessible through innovation and advanced CIGS technology.”

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