Living Vehicle Displays 2024 Models

A picture of the 2024 Living Vehicle at twilight in a snowy mountain landscape

California-based custom RV manufacturer Living Vehicle released a new travel trailer, the 2024 HD.

Each RV is custom-built and offers multiple bedroom options. The RV includes a mobile office, featuring an 80-inch dual workstation and folding bed. A creative studio integrates with a suite of Mac and Apple mobile devices. Starlink’s Flat Satellite dish provides a dedicated wireless network.

“The HD series offers unmatched off-grid live-ability,” Living Vehicle co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Joanna Hofmann said. “Imagine being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and having all the amenities of a 5-star hotel, such as a king bed, spa-style rain shower, and a chef-designed kitchen.”

The company said the 2024 HD is an autonomous, electric-powered living solution, with a solar energy foundation.

The Flagship HD PRO model offers 72,000-watt-hours of energy storage and 18,000 watts of power. The power is enough to run all onboard electrical equipment, including electric heating and cooling, the company said.

The HD PRO’s air conditioning system is relocated to the basement, providing roof solar capacity reaching 6,000 watts. Living Vehicle said the RV can operate entirely off-grid.

The travel trailer also features a water system extracting humidity from the air and storing it in the freshwater tank. Living Vehicle said the system creates an endless water supply while off-grid.

The solar-powered trailer has true four-season ability, the company said, able to operate in temperatures as low as minus-4 degrees Fahrenheit. The HD PRO does so through a dual-zone, 240-volt Mini-Split electric heating system. The RV also is fully insulated with 100% rigid closed-cell foam insulation.

A picture of the interior of the 2024 Living Vehicle showing the bed and a mountain view through the window
Living Vehicle interior and porch view.

“Living Vehicle is all-electric by design,” CEO Matthew Hofmann said. “However, it would be foolish to venture out into the wild without a backup system when things do not always go according to plan.”

The manufacturer has begun production on the HD lineup and is accepting orders for 2024 deliveries.

The manufacturer said it was nearing release of the 24-foot LT series. The LT can accommodate two to four people and features a 5-foot-by-8-foot walk-in closet. Multiple bunk room and office bedroom configurations are available. For more information, click here.

A picture of the 2024 Living Vehicle solar awning from an arial view
Arial view of the Living Vehicle solar awning.
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