Mastervolt Releases Inverter/Charger Product Line

A picture of the Mastervolt Inverter Charger , an rectangular aqua case on wheels

Mastervolt launched its new 120-volt CombiMaster series, an inverter/charger providing power to RVs, boats or any off-grid system.

The new series features four models, a 12-volt, 3,500-watt model; a 24-volt, 3,500-watt model; a 24-volt, 4,500-watt model and a 48-volt, 5,000-watt model.

“As experts in power electronics, Mastervolt continues to develop superior power solutions and we are thrilled to expand our top-of-the-line CombiMaster Series with four new models,” said Eric Lindquist, vice president and general manager, Power Systems at Navico Group. “Between the lightweight, compact design, parallel and split-phase operation and Power Assist function to prevent tripping, the benefits are endless. Whether living off-grid or in need of a backup power source, the new 120 VAC CombiMaster models provide reliable power in a user-friendly unit whenever you need it.”

The new CombiMaster series combines inverter and charger devices. The new CombiMasters feature adaptive charging and five different operating modes. An automatic AC transfer system switches between generator or mains and inverter output for a constant power supply. The new CombiMaster’s power assist function prevents tripping the mains fuse if the system is connected to a weak grid power.

The new series communicates with MasterBus networks to provide consumers remote operation control.

“The CombiMaster is at the center of our Fathom e-power system, an integrated lithium-ion auxiliary power management and generator replacement system,” Lindquist said. “Through innovative product designs like this inverter/charger, we are enabled to create more powerful, revolutionary systems that are transforming the future of boating and RVing.”

For more information about Mastervolt and its power system portfolio, click here.

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