MORryde Finds Frame, Suspension Partner

A picture of MORryde's trade show booth.

MORryde is partnering with AKTV8, an automotive technology supplier, to develop frame, suspension and control systems.

The companies say their new developments will lead the RV industry in performance and durability.

AKTV8 CEO Gary Meyers said, “At AKTV8, we are committed to delivering quality and customer satisfaction through our intelligent, innovative solutions that advance safety, comfort and durability. By joining forces with MORryde, we are making iFlex and Air2 available to more customers.”

MORryde’s Air2 is a fully independent, off-road capable frame and suspension system. The technology makes RVs more capable than most vehicles built to tow them, the companies said. The ability to kneel the vehicle dramatically improves the breakover angle for toy haulers.

In conjunction, AKTV8 developed iFlex, an intelligent air suspension control system that includes integrated compressor control and automotive-like diagnostics. AKTV8 said the system will improve safety, drivability and compressor life.

The iFlex control system lowers the Air2 suspension and levels the vehicle before automatically deploying stabilizers. iFlex is able to retract all gear and return the vehicle to tow height for towing.

Ben Kauffman, MORryde product development engineering manager, said, “This durable, independent suspension with its integrated control system leads the industry. Our collaboration with AKTV8 brought together many industries’ leading technologies on a single vehicle from an all-aluminum, huck-bolted chassis and air suspension to full leveling with RV CAN and wireless display.”

iFlex is available for single-axle and multi-axle configurations and can be configured with an auxiliary air tank that enables off-board air for tires and pneumatic tools. The iFlex controller can also be used as a leveling device, with CAN outputs for controlling other network devices. As an upgrade, users can opt to include AKTV8’s in-wheel or stem-mounted tire pressure monitor sensors.

Air2 was developed for the overlanding segment, MORryde said. The suspension features intuitive adjustments for tire toe and camber, travel height indicators allowing customers to know their optimal height for on-road toeing, and air connections on each side of the unit for easy tire pressure adjustment.

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