Norcold Launches New Polar Elite Model

A picture of the exterior of the Norcold Polar Elite N15DC refrigerator

Norcold launched its Polar Elite N15DC refrigerator. The company said it is taking orders on the new model and will make refrigerators available through distribution after Oct. 1.

The N15DC includes residential styling and a DC compressor.

“We are really excited to launch this new product to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients,” said Kristen Phipps, director of aftermarket sales. “For the past several years, RV consumers have been on the hunt for more residential-type features and amenities. While OEMs are offering large-capacity 120V AC residential refarigerators, that is far from an ideal solution. One of the many problems is: Unless you have an expensive onboard generator or solar-powered inverter system, there is no power to the refrigerator while traveling or off the grid. Without power, temperatures rise in the refrigerator and food safety becomes an issue.”

The DC compressor model enables a 15-cubic-foot model to fit in the same cutout as a 12-cubic-foot RV refrigerator. Norcold said its power management system ensured the lowest amp draw possible. The refrigerator includes an adjustable independent thermostat for the refrigerator and freezer.

The residential styling includes stainless-steel French doors, glass interior shelves and clear door bins and an adjustable sliding shelf.

Norcold’s Night Mode technology reduces compressor and fan speed. The reductions conserve battery charge and diminish noise.

The N15DC features individual compressors with separate wire inputs, enabling a maximum requirement of 10-gauge wiring

“Our experienced design team thought of everything with the design of the new, large capacity Polar Elite refrigerator,” Phipps said. “We are confident our customers will not be disappointed and will indeed follow the product’s slogan ‘Demand the Bear’ for their future refrigeration needs.”

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