NTP-STAG Adds RV Air Filters to Lineup

RV Air Filters

NTP-STAG has added RV Air’s filters to its appliance category. RV Air replacement filters remove pollen, dust, mold, pet dander and other allergens from the air to improve air quality in RVs.

Unlike filters utilizing thin black polypropylene filters, RV Air’s patented AC filters feature 40 layers of unwoven polyester, each sprayed with an anti-microbial product. RV Air filters work for up to 12 months of intermittent use or up to three months of continuous use for full-time RVers.

Made in America from recycled materials, the precision-cut RV Air filters fit without voiding AC unit manufacturers’ warranties. The filters have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) 6 rating. This ensures contaminants are removed from the air without restricting airflow that could shorten the AC unit’s lifespan.

“The RV Air team has created an innovative and unique product. Not only are these filters a natural upsell opportunity for every dealership, but they’re also a great visual addition to any sales space,” Keystone Category Manager Thomas Probst says. “RV Air has done a great job in quality retail packaging and with its point-of-purchase display that attractively describes and markets the product.”

For more information about the RV Air filters, click here.


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