Opinion: Communication, Preparation Vital Before Traveling

A picture of Lisa Pruetting, product manager for Midland Radio.

Let’s face it: As dealers and retailers in the industry, your customer service does not end with the sale. Customer service is the midway point between creating a customer for life and setting them up perfectly for their road trip adventure; whether they are experienced or first timers.

Considering customers’ need for backup communications and gear while adventuring in an RV is important. Not only will this help ensure customers’ safety and preparedness but it also builds trust—and even can lead to lifelong customer relationships.

When it comes to buying communication tools such as walkie-talkies, MicroMobile radios, or emergency and weather alert radios, most consumers buy after they already experienced an emergency. Given this behavior, there is an opportunity (and some might say a moral obligation) to ensure customers are educated on the risks they take before venturing out.

When it comes to communication, keep in mind these key messaging points when talking with your consumers.


Consumers most likely will experience areas with no cell service, whether on the road or at a campsite. Having backup communication is essential to ensure they stay in touch with their group, local emergency services and severe weather alerts.

Even if consumers know they will have cell service during their travels, cell phones are not always reliable. For example, cell towers can become overwhelmed in crowded areas or damaged by storms. Phones can become overheated or lose battery power with no option to recharge.

Even when cell phones are working perfectly, having several ways to receive emergency alerts is important. Having a NOAA Weather Radio is one backup solution. These are just some of the important things for consumers to know during their buyer’s journey – and it is up to you as the dealer to inform them.


When exploring the open roads and great outdoors in an RV or on foot, extreme weather might hit at any time, especially when cell phones become unreliable and notifications stop. Certain communication tools, including many types of radios, are equipped with NOAA Weather Alert technology. With this technology, consumers will be informed as soon as the National Weather Service issues a severe weather watch or warning.

When a 2018 wildfire struck Paradise, California, many residents did not receive alerts because cell phone service in the rural areas was notoriously spotty. Although many lessons were learned from that event, having backup communication and real-time alerts can give your consumers time to seek shelter and know when to get on (or off) the road.


Having backup communication gear such as walkie-talkies and radios gives your consumers peace of mind, and even keeps them entertained. Once at their destination, for example, they can split up to do separate activities (such as hiking or fishing) without losing touch with the others.

Kids can have some independence and parents can relax while enjoying nature. Additionally, radios can come in handy while caravanning with others or backing up a hefty RV. With just a push-to-talk button, consumers can keep talking even when separated by vehicle or activity.

You might not think these conversations with your consumers are necessary during a sale but they will go a long way in building trust and future business opportunities. Cell phone service is not always dependable outside cities and across highways, so ensuring your consumers are not over-reliant on them is crucial.

If your consumer is making a big purchase by investing in an RV, they will likely turn to you for education and additional services, during the sale and after for their many trips to come. Putting their safety first and making sure they are prepared with the right equipment will be rewarding for you and will let your consumers know you did everything you can to set them up for success before hitting the road.


Lisa Pruetting is the product manager at Midland Radio, overseeing consumer products. Pruetting has over 10 years of experience in product and solutions marketing, product management, demand generation and growth, and integrated marketing and communications at brands including Kindred Bravely, PBI-Gordon Corp. and CVS Pharmacy. Pruetting received her Bachelor of Science Degree for Marketing and Management at Park University.

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