Outdoorsy Unveils Outdoor Travel Insights by Generation

A picture of Outdoorsy's Generation in the Wild Report.

Outdoorsy’s latest report, “Generations in the Wild: The 2024 U.S. Family RV Travel Report,” revealed travel motivations and trip benefits across Gen Z, millennials, Gen X and baby boomer families.

Throughout all generations, motorhomes were the most preferred RVs. Over half of families preferred RV travel in a motorhome while 40% traveled in a towable and 17% preferred a pop-up RV or truck camper. Two-thirds of Gen Z participants were most likely to travel in a traditional motorhome, “likely because the size of motorhomes suits young families better than small camper vans or pop-up trailers.”

Over two-thirds (67%) of baby boomers camp on public lands or campgrounds. Across generations, 65% camp on a private campground or RV park, 55% camp at a state or national park, 25% RV for a concert, 14% camp at auto races and 13% RV for a church or youth group event.

Developed campgrounds were most popular, with 83% of families preferring a campground with amenities such as showers, pools and pickleball courts.

Gen Z respondents were most likely to travel—65% reported planning at least five RV trips this year. Baby boomers are willing to travel far for trips, with an average travel distance of 400 miles.

The data focused on family dynamics.

Outdoorsy co-founder Jennifer Young said, “Resoundingly, every group acknowledged that RV travel provides a powerful way to strengthen family bonds, reconnect with themselves and draw closer to their faith.”

The report’s average family consisted of four people. Almost 90% of Gen X respondents reported a renewed family connection from the trip.

Nearly three-fourths of baby boomers include their adult children on trips while 31% include their grandchildren. Nearly 80% of Gen Z RVers had children under 10 years old.

The study revealed an impact with family trip planning. Families with children highly involved in trip planning reported 21% lower stress, 12% more positive attitudes and 16% more excitement.

A portion of RVers continue to work on RV trips. Over a quarter of Gen Z, 11% of millennials, 9% of Gen X, 6% of baby boomers and 14% of single parents work during their trips. Seven out of 10 millennials said RV trips are an important time to disconnect from technology.

Outdoorsy’s report revealed that the majority of RVing families are religious, with 96% of parents reporting a connection to faith. Out of the 96%, 60% create time for prayer during their trip. More than two-thirds (67%) of Gen Z reported a stronger faith connection as a key benefit to outdoor time.

The report, based on research provided by Cairn Consulting Group, is a tabulation of information from 3,200 surveys, 800 from each region.

To view the report, click here.

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