Roadmaster Kit Solves Dash Lighting Issue

A picture of Roadmaster's smart diode kit for late model Jeep vehicles

Roadmaster said it solved an issue that can result in a discharged or dead battery.

The company said the issue involves certain late-model Jeep vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with LED lighting and vehicle proximity sensors, called ParkSense.

If an ordinary diode is used when modifying the vehicle’s lighting for dinghy towing applications, the Jeep’s dash electronics will become active while towing. The result could leave batteries discharged or dead, Roadmaster said.

The company’s solution is a Smart Diode Kit, labeled at #152789. Roadmaster said the kit correctly modulates voltage so the only circuit activated is the intended circuit. Thus, the dash electronics remain off.

The kit includes two Smart Diodes for LED taillights, 27 feet of four-wire harness, two 1-foot ground white wires, a 10-to-12 ga butt connector, three ring terminals, a t3-foot length of split loom, three self-tapping screws and 11 wire ties.

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