RV Dealer Chain Introduces New Service Program

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An RV and auto dealer chain is promoting a new service to elevate customer service.

Kunes Auto & RV Group has launched its Camp Critical Program. The program incorporates initiatives studied in 2023 to improve service time.

Program research was initiated by Kunes RV Division Chief Operating Officer Ron Baker after he was hired in May 2023.

Baker said, “We understand how frustrating repairing RV issues are and want to eliminate that burden for our customers upfront.”

Kunes released three initiatives in the Camp Critical Program.

The first is the “No Drop” Express RV Service. The service eliminates the requirement for RVs to be unattached to a towing vehicle. The initiative provides service at a dealership while the tow vehicle remains hitched, saving time and improving the customer experience. Additionally, mobile service vans can meet RV owners to fix issues on-site, creating a swift and hassle-free service experience, the company said.

The next initiative is “You Didn’t Break it? We Will Fix It.” Traditionally, RV dealers begin a lengthy process to obtain manufacturer approval before initiating any warranty repair. This initiative provides warranty repairs without awaiting manufacturer approval. For repairs needed when customers did not break something, Kunes will immediately order repair parts, cutting waiting time before service begins.

Finally, the third initiative is the “RV Run-Through QR Code Sheet.” Kunes RV will supply customers with a QR code sheet filled with links to a library of RV how-to videos. The videos cover specific RVs and include lessons on areas such as leveling, heating/cooling systems, battery charging, roof maintenance, appliance care and more.

“Too often teams blame issues on the industry, manufacturers and other external players and that is not a solution,” Baker said. “At its core, it is about Kunes proactively owning the relationship and ensuring positive outcomes for its customers.”

Baker said the Wisconsin-based dealer chain was challenging the industry to think differently about service and customer experience.

“By prioritizing innovation, efficiency and customer satisfaction,” the company said, “Kunes sets itself apart as a trailblazer in a space known for its resistance to change.”

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