RVIA Forecast Projects 350,000 RV Shipments in 2024

A picture of a crowded campground showing an arial view of RVs lined up in rows on verdant ground next to a winding river.

RVIA expects wholesale RV shipments to rise to around 350,000 shipments in 2024.

The spring RV RoadSigns Report, prepared by ITR Economics, projected a 2024 wholesale RV shipment forecast range between 334,700 and 365,500, with a median of 350,100 shipments.

The projection range would be an increase of 8.8% to 18.8% compared with the 313,200 RV shipment 2023 year-end total.

The median projection is the same as the Winter 2023 RV RoadSigns report. The winter report forecast a slightly narrower range of 343,900 to 356,300 wholesale RV shipments for the year.

Historically, 350,000 annual RV shipments is a familiar industry range. From 2002-2007, the industry averaged 355,052 annual RV shipments. After the Great Recession, from 2013-2015, the industry averaged 350,702 annual RV shipments.

Since 2015, the lowest annual RV shipment totals are 406,070 in 2019 and last year’s total. From 2016-2023, the industry averaged 457,777 annual RV shipments.

A photo of RVIA President Craig Kirby
Craig Kirby

RVIA President and CEO Craig Kirby said the 2024 forecast represents moderate industry gains.

Kirby said, “Our data shows a continued desire from consumers to purchase RVs and experience the joys and benefits of the RV lifestyle.”

With the expected RV shipment increase, interest rates are expected to lower in 2024, providing more attainable RV financing.

Kirby said RVIA is hopeful that these projections would allow “more consumers to follow through with their desire to purchase RVs.”


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