RVIA Hires Legislative Specialist

A picture of RVIA Government Affairs legislative specialist Christian Ragosta

RVIA’s Government Affairs staff onboarded a new legislative specialist, Christian Ragosta.

Ragosta interned for U.S. Reps. Jim Jordan and Deborah Pryce before running elected campaigns at the local, state and federal levels.

He served as a coordinator for the New York State Assembly and chief communication officer to six state assembly members.

Ragosta worked as a grassroots field coordinator with the National Rifle Association to build advocate networks in four states. He later was promoted to manager of political and legislative activities, which included overseeing his department and daily operations; scheduling and editing national correspondence; and arranging legislative events with lawmakers.

With RVIA, Ragosta will be responsible for tracking state bills, relaying the relevant legislative information back to team members, assisting with the team’s response and aiding other support efforts.

“We are hoping that the laws in some states can shift to become more RV-friendly,” he said. “Seeing that kind of evolutionary change is important to our industry.”

Ragosta said it will be important for him to step into several different mindsets and anticipate state legislation’s impact on the RV industry.

“It is important to think outside the box with legislation,” he said. “You have to consider various mindsets, such as those of the consumers, dealers, and manufacturers, and think about how any given bill could impact the community and the industry.”

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