RVIA: RV Industry Provides Resources For First Time RVers

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With 46 million Americans planning an RV trip this year, many for the first time ever, Go RVing has the resources to make sure these RV newbies have all they need to head out for the first time. Whether it is finding the right type of RV, locating a campground, knowing how to set up camp, or ideas for keeping the kids entertained on the road, Go RVing has it covered.


Don’t take our word for it. Go RVing partners with real RVers who provide resources on how to get started. Whether is learning how to choose the right RV, finding activities to do with kids, budget tips, cleaning and organization hacks, or cooking ideas, our bloggers can answer all of the burning questions of new RVers. From family adventures, to traveling with friends, or getting away as a couple, there are voices to speak to a variety of experiences.

Go RVing recently hosted a number of Facebook Live events focused featuring real RVers explaining the essentials of boondocking and finding a campsitecampsite lighting tipsDIY fire starters, and efficiently stocking your RV refrigerator.


For a new RVer, budgeting can feel like a daunting task as first timers weigh the value of purchase and renting options, factoring in fuel costs and park and campground costs. RVing is more affordable than many realize and vacationers truly can Go RVing on any budget. Some of Go RVing’s partners have provided tips for buying and negotiating your first RV, how to travel on $2,000 a month, and resources that help RVers save money on RV stays.


Going where you want, when you want is a concept resonating strongly with new RVers, but with the freedom of so many options comes the sometimes overwhelming task of figuring out where to go. With over 16,000 RV parks and campgrounds along with an unbelievable network of scenic roads to get there, Go RVing takes the guesswork out of where to go by providing details on campgrounds, public lands, and scenic byways. RVers can also use a find a campground tool to learn about options that they may not have considered.


A regular driver’s license is all that is needed to drive or tow most RVs, but that doesn’t mean the first time out won’t be intimidating. The best way to combat the first-time jitters is to know your height limits, watch your mirrors, and take wide turns. The key to success is to have fun with it, practice, and go at your own pace!


One of the great advantages of owning an RV is having a fully stocked vacation home on wheels allowing RVers the spontaneity to get up go with little notice. While everyone has favorites and must-haves, Go RVing has put together a list of stock items to keep on board at all times. RVers can also find checklists specific to their interests such as RV kitchen essentialschecklists for small space living, and tips for traveling with furry friends.


Parents dread hearing those four little words but RVing lets the fun begin as soon as the RV pulls out of the driveway. Go RVing has pulled together some of the most popular time-tested games that have entertained generations. Whether it’ the Alphabet Game, Car Color, License Plate Game, Travel Bingo, or one of the other 40 games, families are sure to find something to keep occupied on the road. First-timers can also check out some ideas from experienced parents including Tips and Tricks for all Agesrainy day activitiesscreen free activities, and  enjoying time with your teen.


For some, setting up camp for the first time can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Go RVing has compiled a list of tips from first arriving at a destination to getting positioned in a campsite, powering up, connecting to water, and adding the finishing touches. One of the best tips is a reminder that RVers are some of the friendliest, most helpful people who are willing to lend a hand or pass on a helpful tip. After all, everyone was a newbie at one time!


What do you eat while RVing? Anything you want! But for RVer looking for a little more direction and inspiration, Go RVing has compiled hundreds of tried and true recipes perfect for RVing. The recipes are broken down by category, making it easy for first-time RVers to plan the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert for their inaugural trip. Even better, RVers can look at some time saving meal tips or experience the local cuisine.

In August, Go RVing will be rolling out even more resources from our experienced RVers. The how-to videos will be available on the Go RVing blog and easy to find on the Go RVing social media channels.

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