RVIA State Affairs Team Tackles RV Titling Issue

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The RVIA has been working diligently to stave off a challenge with titling and licensing RVs in Texas. The association’s state affairs team worked quickly addressed the emerging issue and worked with Texas regulators to restore clarity on the definition of line make in the state.

This issue arose when Texas regulators attempted to change longstanding RV industry practices pertaining to the definition of “line-make” to the same practices and definitions applied to the automobile industry at the state titling and licensing agencies. Although RV manufacturers share many similarities with automobile manufacturers, the products and industries are significantly different, as is evident in issues like this one.

If left unresolved, regulators would have refused to title RVs according to industry standards and practices used for decades throughout the U.S., causing problems for manufacturers, dealers and consumers.

The RVIA’s state affairs team resolved the issue by educating legislators.  The team worked with regulators to understanding the uniqueness of the RV industry and its definition of “line-make.” As a result of this work, RVs will continue to be titled and registered according to the RV industry’s practices.

For questions on this issue contact RV Industry Association Director of State Affairs Mike Ochs at [email protected].

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