RVillage Survey: 94 Percent of RV Owners Will Feel Safe Camping

A picture of a Mercedes-Benz Metris Weekender camper van with the top popped up next to a camp fire at a camp site. Palm trees and other foliage are in the background.

As U.S. states begin to lift their stay-at-home orders, results of a new survey by RVillage.com reveals what’s next for a nomadic group of people, many who live permanently on the road in RVs. Over 11,000 new RVillage accounts were created in the last month alone, pushing RVillage over 220,000 users.

Over one million people are full-time RVers on the road in the US, and there are many full-time members within the RVillage community. The closures of national parks, state parks, and campgrounds brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic sent them in search of places to dump their sewage and refill their water tanks.

They are individuals, couples, families and essential workers that have been meeting the challenge of shelter-in-place restrictions and park closures for several weeks. They’re now looking ahead to what life will be like after the places and services they rely on open up, and they don’t have to worry what restrictions lie ahead as they venture out, and possibly cross state lines.

More than 2,700 survey respondents said when given the green light, they will camp again; perhaps a little differently, and with expectations of less services and amenities.


  • 94% of RVers will continue to travel and feel safe in campgrounds
  • 63% say they expect to find some restrictions within the campground – fewer services and more limitations
  • 54% have no plans to revise their routes to stay closer to home or medical facilities
  • 36% even said they think they’ll camp even more
  • 6% say they plan to stay “home”

“RV’s are completely self-sufficient when parked in place, and an alternative to airplanes and cruise ships,” said RVillage Founder Curtis Coleman.

RVillage is providing updates to full-time members on park closures, and continues to keep all members connected, virtually and on the road.

Click here to read the original story from the RVIA.

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