RVshare Bookings Continue to Climb

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Over 100,000 owners have rented their RVs with online platform RVshare since 2020.

Fluctuating gas prices and interest rates may have some owners tempted to sell, RVshare said. RVshare said the platform sees continuous demand and booking growth, with booking revenue up nearly 40% in 2022.

The ongoing interest in RV travel has fueled RV owners’ profits, the online platform said. Nearly 30% of RVshare owners use their rental to offset RV owning costs. According to a recent RVshare owner survey, nearly 60% of owners cover at least half of their financing payments by renting their vehicle through RVshare, while 17% claim they paid off their vehicle.

The online rental site recently found 64% of owners bought their RV after March 2020.

“RVshare was built with the idea of making it easy for RV owners to list and rent to create the world’s first fleet of RV entrepreneurs with the ability to make real money from their RV,” RVshare CEO Jon Gray said. “With record sales in 2020 and 2021, there are more RV owners in the U.S. than ever before. Rising interest levels paired with the continued trend of outdoor travel make us believe that demand will only increase, making it a great time for owners to turn their asset into a source of revenue.”

The recent RVshare survey found 20% of owners currently retired. The rest said RVshare is a second source of income.

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