New Wreath Hanger Made for RVs

SeaSucker Wreath Hanger picture

Made in the USA, the SeaSucker Wreath Hanger adheres to glass, gelcoat, paint, vinyl and other clean, non-porous surfaces. It can hold up to 120 pounds without drilling or leaving a mark. A flexible wire garland holds the decoration securely in place and can be used season after season.

To watch a video about the SeaSucker Wreath Hanger, click here.

What gives the Wreath Hanger holding power is its 4.5” vacuum mount. Positioned where it is needed, a few quick pumps to its integrated power button is all it takes for it to adhere to a clean surface. Unlike common industrial suction cups that begin to fade as soon as they are applied, the vacuum-mount seal lasts for days before additional pumping is needed. When it is time to put the Wreath Hanger away for the season, it removes just as fast. MSRP for the Wreath Hanger is $39.99.

For more information about SeaSucker and the Wreath Hanger, click here.


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