Sobel University Releases Video Addressing Current Market Challenges

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With the coronavirus outbreak, RV dealer sales teams may be wondering how to best do their jobs right now. President of Sobel University, Randy Sobel, released a video statement addressing COVID-19 concerns. The video provides guidance for what sales departments must do during these difficult times.

In Sobel’s nearly 40 years in the RV industry, he has seen four dramatic market challenges. While each one was similar, Sobel notes that this one has unique differences.

In the video posted on the Sobel University website, he addresses methods dealership sales departments can employ to be most productive during these challenging times.

In this video Sobel states:

“This one to two-month break in sales action is not unlike a northern state or province experiences in winter…”

“It’s what dealers do during that time that puts them in a position to succeed…”

“Included in all contracts is unlimited access to 24/7 to video lessons, homework and personal advising for your entire staff.”

Sobel University has extended open enrollment and a goodwill offering of the lowest contract rate until April 15 or as long as space is available.

To learn more about Sobel University training programs and to see the video, click here or call (253) 565-2577.

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