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Sobel University’s Comprehensive Sales Course, occurring April 15-19, will move to a virtual platform.

Sobel University President Jered Sobel said, “As dealerships hire this spring, they need an efficient and affordable way to get new sales employees up to speed quickly. This change reduces stress for new employees, allows dealers to save on travel expenses and ensures customers will be helped at a higher level.”

The change was made based on dealer requests.

The course is a market-adaptive training program geared toward new and experienced managers, salespeople and dealers. The course includes eight hours of instruction a day, homework each night and exams every day. Sobel University provides five experience levels to enhance learning. The levels include:

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Jered Sobel
  • CSC 100
    • Ranges three to five days.
    • Participants do not receive credit or have tests or homework.
  • CSC 101
    • Exposure
    • Exams are open book in an essay format.
  • CSC 121
    • Experience and Memorization
    • CSC is a prerequisite.
    • Exams are multiple-choice.
  • CSC 131-133
    • CSC 131 Foundation Wordtracks, CSC 132 Situational Wordtracks, CSC 133 Growth Wordtracks
    • Word Track Flexibility Training
    • Prerequisites are CSC 101 and CSC 121.
    • Focus on analogy and application.
    • Exams are verbal tests.
  • WCS 141
    • Write Up and Close Seminar
    • CSC 101 is a prerequisite.
    • The last three days of the Comprehensive Sales Course will include write-up and close techniques for all four types of buyers. Word tracks will be broken down and memorized.
    • The last day will include videotaping students writing up and closing all four types of buyers.

The Comprehensive Sales Course taking place Aug. 5-9 has also moved to a virtual platform.

All other Comprehensive Sales Courses, including ones occurring Feb. 5-9, June 3-7 and Oct. 14-18, will be held in person in Tacoma, Washington.

To register for courses, click here or call 253-565-2577.

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