Startup Launches 250-Mile Range EV Motorhome

An exterior picture of the Grounded G2 all-electric motorhome driving down a tree-lined road.

Startup manufacturer Grounded launched its latest all-electric, solar-equipped motorhome.

The company said its G2 is the first electric RV with a 250-mile range.

Grounded CEO Sam Shapiro said, “The G2 is radically different from any other offering on the market. It is a profound step toward a future of fully electrified motorhomes, and makes sustainable travel truly achievable.”

The G2 is built on the BrightDrop Zevo 600 platform, a chassis built for electric delivery vans. The G2 has all-wheel drive, a 165,000-watt-hour vehicle battery and a 10,000-watt-hour lithium battery. The lithium battery can be charged from the vehicle’s battery and from the 640 watts of solar power.

The motorhome has advanced safety features such as front pedestrian braking, front and rear parking assist and Lane Keep Assist.

A front to back interior picture of the Grounded G2 all-electric motorhome.

BrightDrop service centers will service the motorhome. The G2 can be charged at thousands of nationwide destination EV chargers, including the Ford charging network, the Electrify America network and other public EV chargers with CCS connectors.

Inside, the G2 has 615 square feet of living space and a modular system in which consumers design their layout before the motorhome is built. The modular system attaches to exposed mounting rails.

The G2 offers Starlink’s internet service, indoor shower and wet bath options and induction cooktops. Optional components include a queen bed, seating for seven and a pull-out work/dining table.

“To design the interior,” Shapiro said, “we drew inspiration from contemporary Nordic outdoor gear.”

A back to front interior picture of the Grounded G2 all-electric motorhome.

The RV can charge at a maximum rate of 170 miles per hour. The 24-foot-long RV has a 182-inch wheelbase. Deliveries are expected to start this month.

“We have designed the G2 to be as flexible as possible, and our truly modular interior delivers on the promise of a continually upgradable RV interior,” Shapiro said. “Over time, as your life changes and your use cases change, the vehicle can change with you.”

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