SuperSteer Debuts Motorhome Safety Rod Kit

A picture of the SuperSteer logo

SuperSteer RV Products, a motorhome aftermarket supplier, launched its new Radius Rod kit to reduce road wander and slow-responding steering which might be experienced by Type A motorhomes owners on the Ford F-53 chassis.

The Radius Rod kit increases the motorhome’s overall stability, SuperSteer stated, while reducing nose-dive from hard braking.

“Suspensions are a system, and every part of the system, at some point in time, has a role to play in the overall handling of a motorhome,” CEO Robert Henderson stated. “One component in that system can complement another, or one can aggravate another, which is what happens in the steering of motorhomes on the 2010 and newer Ford F-53 platforms.”

SuperSteer identified “steering play” issues that owners report. Radius Rods stop movement forward and backward by the front suspension, which improves cornering and makes steering more responsive, SuperSteer stated.

The Radius Rods bolt on the spring pack’s front and to the front axle, helping control movement in the front left spring bushing and preventing spring wrap.

The SuperSteer Radius Rod kit retails at $625.00.

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