Supplier Releases Engine Starting Device

A picture of the Kold-Bad KBi KSM Kompact engine starter.

Kold-Ban International has released its KBi KSM Kompact starting module.

The engine starting device is an auxiliary power source is installed in conjunction with traditional cranking batteries. The KSM Kompact derives power from batteries or an engine charging system.

The device eliminates “no starts” from dead batteries on Type B and Type C motorhomes, among other vehicles.

The device works with and supplements lithium battery engine cranking limitations.

Jim Burke, vice president at Kold-Ban International, Ltd., said, “We had developed supercapacitor engine starting devices for larger engines found in motorcoaches and construction equipment. “Then, we saw a need for the same type of solution for smaller engines, so we introduced the KBi KSM Kompact. It is a dependable solution for cranking engines on the road and water.”

The KBi KSM Kompact module depends on its KAPower module, an energy storage device engineered to reliably crank and start internal combustion engines. For every engine starting event, the module releases energy in short, powerful bursts to crank the engine, then fully recharges in about 30 seconds.

The KBi KSM Kompact module requires no maintenance, will increase the life of the vehicle’s battery and can be installed easily.

The module can recharge from virtually any 12-volt DC electrical power source. Charging and discharging will not wear out the device.

The KBi KSM Kompact module can be used repeatedly for the vehicle’s life.

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