Supplier Unveils New Light Duty Hidden Hitch

A picture of a consumer hooking up their Draw-Tite Hidden Hitch

Horizon Global Corp. has released a Draw-Tite Hidden Hitch series for 20 popular vehicles, including Audi, BMW, Subaru and Volvo. The new hitch gives consumers a tow hitch and the option to maintain the tow vehicle’s original appearance.

“The Hidden Hitch series is Draw-Tite’s all-new premium hitch and truly a hitch only when you need it,” said Greg Sarkozi, Horizon Global towing and electrical products product manager.

The Hidden Hitch trailer hitch mounts behind a vehicle’s rear fascia. The 2-inch removable receiver can be inserted or removed with a simple handle turn. When not in use, the hitch stores in a provided hard case. When ready to tow, consumers can attach the receiver and secure a hitch accessory or ball mount, Horizon Global said.

Each Hidden Hitch trailer hitch features a custom design to fit vehicles’ make and model. The design―which does not interfere with ground clearance― facilitates cargo carrier, bike rack and ball mount mounting. The hitch enables light-duty towing up to 3,500 pounds with a 350-pound maximum tongue weight. The hitch includes a limited lifetime warranty

“The hitch was engineered for smooth, quiet, and easy towing performance with an included anti-rattle hitch pin and requires no added tools to secure towing accessories,” Sarkozi said.

Click here for more information or check out the product highlight reel.

For a current available vehicle list, click here.

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