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A flood of consumers are chasing outdoor adventures with RVs. According to the Dyrt’s 2024 Camping Report, nearly half of consumers (46.8%) are using an RV as their primary camping type. The number grew 10.9% compared with 2022.

The campground provider’s report listed a plethora of industry data, including consumers camping for the first time, when consumers went camping and how they camped.

The Dyrt recorded information from 7,000 members of Dyrt camper communities, a 1,000-person sample of U.S. residents and camping property managers in all 50 states.

Out of an estimated 84.8 million Americans who went camping in 2023, 5.5 million went for the first time. Around 21.8% of campers embarked on a first-time RV in 2023.

As the seasons changed, consumers continued to go camping. The report found that 89% of consumers who camp did so in the summer. After Labor Day, 84.9% of consumers who camp did so in the fall.

One-third of consumers who camp extended their campion into the winter, a total which is up 40% since 2020.

Some campers take their work on the road with 28.9% of campers working while they camp. RVers averaged 54 nights camping in 2023, a total skewed by full-time RVers and almost more than 30% more than the average.

Numerous consumers sought free camping options. Around two-thirds of consumers who camp tried out free camping, whether setting up in dispersed camping sites, rest stops/store parking, private property or campground-free areas.

Furry friends also joined the adventures. The report found RV campers were 20.8% more likely to camp with pets. Amongst all consumers who camp, 53.7% took dogs along while 5.8% brought their cats.

Most consumers reported owning SUVs but said trucks are most ideal for camping. The report found 56% of consumers who camp own SUVs with 29% saying SUVs were the most ideal camping vehicles. Consumer truck owners totaled 48.8% with 45% of consumers listing trucks as the ideal camping vehicle.

The report found 29.1% of consumers who camp are aged over 65, 25.4% are between 55-64 years old, 16.9% are between 45-54, 13.9% are between 35-44, 10.7% are between 25-34 and 3.9% are between 18-24.

The report found 17.9% of consumers who camp reported incomes under $50,000, 35.5% reported incomes between $50,000 to $100,000, 32% between $101,000 and $250,00 and 5.9% over $250,000.

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