TowMate Illuminates Trailer Exterior Areas

A picture of TowMate's Saber Light.

TowMate crafted a new tow light mirroring the a Star Wars lightsaber’s glow. The Saber Light offers various lighting options to support consumers’ towing experience.

The accessory will radiate an amber strobe light for setup or emergency visibility and a bright white work light to provide clear visibility. The strobe light will last around 18 hours while the work light lasts about 7.5 hours.

A 600-amp-hour lithium battery powers the light. A power gauge displays the battery’s energy levels.

A 12-volt/ 24-volt direct current (DC) charge cord and a wireless transmitter are included. The wireless transmitter is available in six configurations. These include four-pin round, four-pin flat, six-pin round, seven-pin RV, seven-pin round and hardwire options.

The light mounts to a trailer with two rubber-coated magnets.

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