Trends Report Says Consumers Seeking Maximum Leisure Time

A picture of a young woman in a hat on a beach holding her finger to her lips in a universal symbol for "shhh" or hush

Go RVing released its latest monthly trends report, citing consumers’ desire to maximize their leisure time and increasingly rely on consumer reviews as trends to watch.

The report called out consumers’ push to maximize time away from the office. The report said an RVShare report found 56% of U.S. workers planned to take a “hush trip” in 2023. The hush trip was defined as working remotely without telling the boss to maximize travel time during a vacation.

A YouGov 2023 report found two-thirds of domestic travelers ages 25 to 44 view multitasking as the most efficient way to achieve goals.

“To make up for lost time over the last few years, consumers have developed an appetite for going all out with how they spend time and what they buy,” Go RVing said. “This is an opportunity to inform people that RVing is traveling to the max, too—especially in terms of what you can bring with you.”

Go RVing said a third of new RV owners bring a bicycle with them RVing and 18% pack a kayak.

“We can remind consumers that RVing is for those who want to do it all in one trip,” the group said, “whether that is cycling, kayaking, jet skiing and so on … (and maximizing) vacation time with the ability to go wherever, whenever.”

The report also noted consumers using TikTok to tell friends and visitors about products and destinations that are not as good as they are said to be. The people posting such reviews are called “de-influencers.”

“Consumers depend on reviews to help them choose products and experiences they can trust,” Go RVing said. “Yet when influencers can be paid to push bad products, the authenticity of ‘de-influencers’ becomes even more important.”

Because more than a third of first-time RV buyers know a friend with an RV, Go RVing said current RVers can be vital influencers, whether they have a large social media following or not.

“In other words, to share the adventure of RVing with new audiences, Go RVing members should treat all RVers as potential influencers,” Go RVing said, “as well as continue partnerships with well-known influencers, particularly those who prioritize transparency and have built real trust among their followers.”

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