Video: Dirty Jobs Star Takes His RV on the Road

A picture of Mike Rowe standing in front of an RV

Mike Rowe, star of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” set out on his own RV road trip this month.

Instead of focusing on tough jobs no one wants to do, this time Rowe wants to give viewers a look at the great outdoors across America. Dubbed a “Rowe’d Trip,” the journey will take Rowe down a memory lane of sorts, visiting old job sites and reminiscing about the “Dirty Jobs¬†” era, all while experiencing cross-country RV travel.

“Together, the five of us are going to climb into this RV and have ourselves an unforgettable journey through a little slice of America,” Rowe said.

In his own words, Rowe and the former Dirty Jobs crew had been cooped up for months inside just like the majority of Americans under quarantine. Rowe said he and the crew hope to cruise the country “getting some fresh air and seeing if the great outdoors is where we left it.”

Check out a video interview with Rowe and the crew from CBS 8 San Diego below:



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