EXCLUSIVE: Water Heater Released to North American Market

A picture of the Aus J Water Supply tankless water heater.

An Australian RV supplier is releasing its new water heater to North America. The supplier said the water heater differs from market competitors.

Aus J Hot Water Solutions’ Duoetto Gen 3 water heater can be powered by 12-volt DC or 120-volt AC electricity.

Consumers can shift between the 12-volt and 120-volt settings. Jay King, managing director, said the company needed to provide 120-volt power to bring the water heater to North America.

“A minority of users, including individual customers,” King said, “were using step-down transformers or other solutions to convert the voltage for use in these markets.”

The Duoetto Gen 3 eliminates outside solutions to convert the voltage.

“For North American markets, and any country using 120V,” King said, “it means the product is ready to go, without needing any further engineering or adaptations.”

King said the feature benefits consumers who travel to remote locations. The water heater can run off a vehicle’s battery to provide hot water.

King highlighted the water heater’s safety. King said an electric product reduces the risk of carbon monoxide production in living spaces.

The Duoetto Gen 3 includes digital control of AC/DC on-off functions and full temperature range selection. The water heater includes an external reset button, an Incoloy 840 heating element, polyurethane insulation, a steel and enamel tank and an outer case. The thermostat ranges from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees. The water heater can be wall or floor mounted.

King said the company has worked for years with North American distributors on other products. Aus J Hot Water Solutions’ North American clients include Parts ID Inc., Total Composites and Urban Land Cruisers.

King said the company wants to expand its North American market as the water heater is introduced.

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