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RV News is the oldest trade magazine in the RV industry. No other RV trade magazine has the rich history of RV News. Now owned by RV News Publisher Dana Nelsen, this monthly magazine upholds the four-decade legacy created by its two previous owners, Don Magary, and before him, RV/MH Hall of Famer Dan Holt.

Speaking of the publication’s history, did you know that the annual RVDA convention in Las Vegas was once a trade show owned by RV News? The trade show was created by Mr. Holt, and it was sold to RVDA long ago, but that trade show’s roots are from this very publication. That is just one example of RV News helping shape the RV industry. RV News continues to cover, shape and be an instrumental part of the RV industry.

RV News is avidly read by decision makers in the RV industry, including RV dealers, manufacturers, parts suppliers and distributors. Updated daily, the RV News website provides insights and information on today’s biggest RV industry stories. Those stories are emailed every day to our exclusive list of RV industry executives, managers, sales people and staff.

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RV News Magazine Publisher Dana Nelsen
Dana Nelsen, Publisher
RV News magazine Art Director Don Schumann
Don Schumann, Art Director
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