Aqua-Hot Releases Gas Heating System

A picture of the Aqua-Hot 125G heating and hot water system in a circular pop-out from a picture of a Type B RV in the snow.

The new 125G from Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, an Airxcel brand, offers a gas-powered, off-grid, on-demand heating and hot water system designed for gasoline-powered Type B RVs and high-altitude use.

Like its diesel-powered 125D, the Aqua-Hot 125G runs off gasoline the vehicle is carrying—no supplemental fuel such as propane is needed. The combustion unit is positioned outside the RV to reduce operational noise.

The Aqua-Hot 125G operates efficiently at altitudes up to 16,000 feet with no conversion kits or add-ons by automatically adjusts the fuel-to-O2 ratio to optimize the burner flame and provide consistent, reliable heat and hot water. The supplier said the system will not soot-up or require specialized maintenance due to high altitude use like other systems.

The 125G can provide heat and hot water while on 120V shore power.

The system uses independently operated heat exchangers placed throughout the RV, creating up to three different heat zones to eliminate cold spots within the camper. The compact heat exchangers can be installed vertically or horizontally.

The 125G heating zones can be controlled by an Aqua-Hot LCD Controller or mirrored on an OEM’s RVC-ready multiplex system. The system includes test and diagnostic functions for simple troubleshooting. A night/quiet mode runs the fans at a slower, quieter speed.

The Aqua-Hot 125G provides 0.8 gallons per minute of continuous hot water at 110–120 degrees for cooking, showering or cleaning. The heater is 11.5 inches high by 7.5 inches wide by 17.66 inches deep.

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