Camco Launches Dual-Stage Premium Water Filter Kit

A picture of Camco Manufacturing's EVO X2 Dual Stage Water Filter Kit

Camco Mfg.’s Evo X2 Dual Stage Premium RV Water Filter Kit offers protection against chlorine, bad taste, odors, sediment, bacteria and other contaminants from an RV’s fresh water supply. The result is fresh, clean, good tasting water straight from the tap. The Evo X2 provides high flow throughout an RV, even in the shower.

With dual-stage filtration, the Evo X2 provides better water to RVers.

How It Works

The first stage acts as a pre-filter extending the life of the second filter. First, a 5-micron sediment filter with kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF) and granular activated carbon (GAC) removes heavy sediments, chlorine, bad tastes and odors.

Next, a .5-micron carbon block cartridge filters out lead, volatile organic compounds, cysts, giardia and other contaminants.

The kit includes two filter canisters, a built-in stand with rubber feet, a 4-foot fresh water hose, a canister wrench, a replaceable premium spun polypropylene 5-micron sediment GAC/KDF cartridge, and a replaceable premium 0.5-micron carbon block cartridge.

The filter has a nickel-plated brass male fitting and a swiveling female fitting. These allow easy setup between the water source and an RV’s fresh water connections. The stand uses powder-coated steel for durability. The filter is for exterior use only. It can be mounted or staked for additional security, however stakes and mounting hardware are not included.

For more information on the Camco Evo X2 dual-stage water filter and other new products, click here.


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