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A picture of Lippert's Adam Kronk, a columnist for the magazine who discusses leadership management and culture.

Opinion: Don’t Rely on the Invisible Hand

No single person knows how to make an entire pencil. To craft one of the most basic objects we take for granted daily requires expertise in various areas. The cooperation and interdependence necessary are worth marveling at for a moment.

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A 2023 picture of Jesse Stopinsky Partner at Performance Brokerage Services

Opinion: Today’s RV Dealership Buy-Sell Market

This article is intended to provide insight into the current market conditions for an RV dealership’s sale by exploring the supply of acquisitions vs. buyer demand, interest rate hikes’ consequences, shifts in post-pandemic earnings and how they collectively affect dealership valuations.

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A picture of Greg Artman of Diversified Insurance Management

Opinion: Measuring Your F&I Performance

Top performers measure their performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. When they create a new measurement report, they are measuring their performance against the goals they set on the first day of the new year.

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