Ember RV Debuts First Products

Ember RV President and CEO Ashley Bontrager looks out the open window of a 2022 prototype RV

Ember Recreational Vehicles hosted individual dealer groups by private appointment last week to debut the startup manufacturer’s first new RVs.

Production is slated to begin in late October.

Ashley Bontrager, Ember’s president, CEO and majority shareholder in Ember, is the granddaughter of Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager, founders of Jayco. She is a graduate of Butler University and gained public relations experience in Washington, DC, before returning home to serve at her family’s business in 2011.

At last week’s event, Ember debuted four of its innovative travel trailers specifically designed for adventure camping off-road and off-grid.

“Leading a company has always been a goal of mine,” Bontrager said.

Co-founders Chris Barth, Steve Delagrange and Ernie Miller were on hand for the debut event.

Barth has 25 years’ experience in the RV industry as a supplier and manufacturer. Delagrange’s 28-year career has been spent in manufacturing while Miller brings 21 years’ experience in manufacturing. Barth is Ember’s vice president and chief operating officer while Delagrange and Miller are directors of operations.

“Steve and Ernie both bring stability and a high level of expertise to our company,”
Bontrager said. “They inspire cooperation, respect, and a high work ethic in all the teams they have led. We are fortunate to have two of the industry’s top manufacturing aces watching over this vital element of our company.”

Bontrager said Barth is known for his innovative, trend-setting designs and his strong relationships with and service to dealers.

“I am passionate about the team we have put together to deliver high value, intentionally designed products for today’s more discerning owners,” Barth said. “Ashley has empowered our team to build better RVs by building a better RV company.”

Ember RV President and CEO Ashley Bontrager and Vice President Chris Barth stand outside the exterior of a 2022 prototype RV

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