EXCLUSIVE: Aims Power to Build New Facility in Florida

A picture of Bruce de Jong of AIMs Power in a button-up shirt and jacket.

Aims Power, an RV power products supplier, plans to build a new storage and distribution facility in Davie, Florida.

The company closed on buying 2.5 acres of land in late February. An estimated 60,000-square-foot facility will be constructed at the site to serve the entire East Coast.

Aims Power was interested in expanding in the area for many years because of its proximity to airports, seaports and the strong customer base in the region, founder and President Bruce de Jong said. The company often ships its power-related products to customers in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Mexico and the Dominican Republic in addition to its many Eastern U.S. customers.

The company will store an estimated $5 million to $6 million in inventory at the new facility, which will cost an estimated $6 million to $7 million to build, he said. De Jong predicted the facility would be completely functional within two years.

We probably do 60% of our business on the East Coast and in the islands. So, a lot of our customers will pay less for freight and get it a week sooner. I think that’s a big deal.

“Having a facility in Davie will both improve delivery times and lower costs for my entire East Coast and islands community customers,” de Jong said. “We probably do 60% of our business on the East Coast and in the islands. So, a lot of our customers will pay less for freight and get it a week sooner. I think that’s a big deal.”

The new facility will enable Aims to get products A screenshot of a map showing Davie, Florida southwest of Fort Lauderdale.to RV manufacturers more quickly than they do now, when the company ships from its Reno, Nevada, location, de Jong said. The new site will be 20-30 minutes from the Fort Lauderdale airport and port and less than two hours from the Miami and Palm Beach ports. The location will also help the company receive inventory more quickly from overseas, de Jong said, to subsequently distribute to its customers.

The new construction will alleviate constraints caused by recent inventory expansion. The company increased inventory to support the supply chain’s unpredictable nature, de Jong said. The company moved to a larger Reno-based facility two years ago but has nearly outgrown the site.

“We strive not to have our customers wait for our products. With chip shortages and port congestion, it’s been up to us to have inventory on hand,” de Jong said. “We are projecting much success in the near future in the RV industry. Being able to support from both coasts as well as locally in Elkhart through Collins & Co. is a major plus.”

Aims Power supplies DC to AC inverters, solar panels, batteries and solar charge controllers to OEMs and the RV aftermarket. Aims Power is headquartered in South Reno, Nevada. Aims Power was featured in the September 2021 edition of RV News.

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