EXCLUSIVE: Global Finance Firm Enters Dealer Financing Market

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Global finance company DLL is partnering with Winnebago Industries to offer its dealers financing floorplan and inventory purchases with a DLL credit line.

RVs are a newer asset class for DLL, company Business Development Manager Carlos Lobo said. The company covers 10 industries worldwide, with its transportation sector including RVs, waste management vehicles and customized trucks.

“We did a ton of market research prior to [entering the RV market], which was pre-Covid,” company Communications Business Partner Maureen Wilbur said. “We saw a solid and steady growth in the RV space. Ten to 20 years of data and research showed how the industry is maturing and growing. We thought it would be an excellent addition to our portfolio to offer financing to dealers.”

DLL’s presence in industries such as food, agriculture and construction gave the company what Lobo said is a “different perspective” to its financing approach for Winnebago, Grand Design and Newmar RV dealers. DLL’s various business sectors share similarities from a cycles perspective, he said.

“In the agricultural space, for example, equipment is very seasonal,” Wilbur added. “That model is similar to how inventory turnover and seasonal shifts impact dealers in the RV space.”

Lobo said the company is leveraging its 50-year experience with other vendor partners to bring what it learned to the RV industry.

“One of the biggest value propositions for the [RV] service is being familiar with DLL’s existing offerings,” Lobo said. “We understand the specific requirements for managing a seasonal business. We work with dealers to put in place what makes the most sense for them, based on inventory turns, liquidity requirements and aging. We are trying to cater the financing program for that dealer, with vendor support.”

Wilbur noted DLL’s diverse industry and location portfolio gives the company stability and balance. If a  particular industry is not doing great one year, but another is strong, she said the company still can offer its financing solutions across the board.

“DLL was one of few finance companies doing business in North America that actually grew in the [2008] financial crisis, and did not stop funding its partners,” Lobo said.

Headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Wilbur said the company is working with a USD 40.6 billion global portfolio. The company entered the U.S. market with its acquisition of Tokai Financial Services in 1999.

The company’s wide geographic reach also provides stability, Wilbur said. For example, countries economically impacted by Covid more than others were balanced out by the company’s partners in countries with less severe effects, she said.

DLL’s funding sources are required to meet European Central Bank (ECB) regulations, Federal Reserve and risk management practices, Wilbur said.

“For me, it is comforting knowing [DLL]’s commitment into the RV market,” Lobo said. “They are not in a rush to be No. 1, but they are going ther

As a Winnebago funder, DLL will provide an additional dealer option.

“We are pleased to see DLL’s interest and desire to offer their services to our dealer base across North America,” Winnebago RV Senior VP Brian Hazelton said. “This development speaks to the continued growth of our brand in the RV industry.”

Lobo teased future partnerships in the “near term” the company is looking at, in addition to Winnebago, to round out its RV dealer offerings.

Those interested can find additional information on DLL’s financing here.

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