EXCLUSIVE: GoSun, Camp365 Create Off-Grid Trailer

A picture of the GoSun Camp365 pulled behind a car

GoSun has established a joint venture with AWOL Outdoors Inc dba Camp365 to create an off-grid travel trailer, the GoSun Camp365.

Engineers from both companies have been collaborating to create the pop-up trailer for about two years, Go Sun Sales Director David Jones said. The trailer is based on Camp365’s already-existing trailer technology.

“What makes this different is the ability to off-grid when campgrounds are busy and gas prices and storage prices are high,” Jones said. “When you do not want to have the inconvenience of dry camping or the expense to run and operate a larger vehicle, this kind of pop-up camper only weighs 1,800 pounds fully loaded and it is powered by all GoSun’s creature comforts.”

The GoSun Camp 365 can be deployed by one person in about 10 minutes, GoSun said. The trailer expands to a 100-square-foot, 700-cubic-foot cabin that is 7 feet, 6 inches tall at the center. The camper is made from durable, marine-grade Aqualon, a puncture-resistant synthetic, with a powder-coated, all-aluminum body. The camper has a seven-point leveling system for off-road surfaces.

The trailer has a very small footprint and can be towed with a conventional sedan, Jones said.

The GoSun Camp365 includes a 12-volt DC GoSun Chill refrigerator. The Chill has 40 liters of space and includes an air conditioning option.

For cooking, the trailer features the GoSun Fusion, a hybrid, tube-shaped solar cooker that uses either direct sunlight or the onboard 12-volt battery.

The GoSun Flow water system is included to purify water. The unit uses a two-watt USB-powered pump to move water through a filter. The trailer has over 24 gallons of water storage on board. The trailer houses a portable collapsible sink unit that can be used inside or outside.

A picture of a couple relaxing outside a GoSun Camp365 trailer

The GoSun Camp365 comes with a GoSun 12-volt heated blanket, a 12-volt heater and an 8,000 BTU air conditioning unit. The air conditioner can only be used while on-grid with shore power.

“I have some experience looking for off-grid cooling solutions, and nobody has really cracked it because of the amount of energy that these things require,” Jones said. “A 12-volt, off-grid climate control cooling unit is on the product roadmap for 2023/2024. We know that’s an important component, for people to be able to go off-grid and truly be comfortable and sleep at night with a degree of comfort.”

The trailer includes multiple portable power banks and the company’s Power 1100, a compact solar generator, which can power 12-volt and 110-volt appliances. The trailer offers  more than 300 watts of solar power, including GoSun’s portable Solar Table, a foldable tempered glass top camping table with incorporated solar panels.

Hot showers are important for most campers as well, Jones said, and the GoSun Camp365 includes a way to wake up with a warm shower even in the woods.

“The shower is a bit like the cooling. It is a very hungry appliance,” Jones said. “We had to make a very small compromise. There are 1-pound gas canisters on board to be able to have a hot shower.”

The camper also includes a 12-volt DC French press coffee maker and a cassette-style toilet.

The GoSun Camp365 MSRP is $32,500.

GoSun and Camp365 plan to sell the first 10 units directly to customers. The company sold two RVs to GoSun early adopters. The RVs will be ready to deliver to customers in September.

For the next production run, the companies are looking to partner with dealers and distributors.

“What we are looking for is innovation-minded dealers who are willing to have the conversation with customers who maybe do not want a teardrop or a motorized vehicle, but who are looking for some sort of hybrid that will enable them to off-grid with heavy-duty solar support for their lifestyle,” Jones said.

Access more information about the GoSun Camp365.

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