Exclusive: Greystone by Way Rolls out Biggest Range Yet, New Combo Grill and Griddle

a picture of a Greystone 24-inch range stove

RV parts and appliances supplier Way Interglobal rolled out two new products in its flagship Greystone line of kitchen equipment this week.

Greystone by Way announced new versions of its range stove and grill/griddle products this week, and has already begun providing them to RV manufactures. The new 24” gas range and combination grill/griddle are meant to give RVers more space to do what they love in the kitchen, a company spokesman said.

The Greystone Combination Grill and Griddle and Greystone 24” Gas Range are made in the same style as the rest of the brand’s kitchen appliances offerings.

Made to connect with a single gas line hook-up, the combo grill and griddle can be installed as a permanent fixture or stored for countertop use and even outdoor cooking. The grill/griddle offers more than 250 square inches of cooktop space with a flattop griddle and grill.

“You’re not going to find a bigger, more versatile cooking appliance in the RV industry than the new Greystone griddle and grill combo,” said CEO Wayne Kaylor.

Greystone by Way has produced these griddles for years in different sizes, styles, and cooktop surfaces, a spokesman said, but this new model improves on accessibility and ease of use.

“We designed this product with the expert home chef in mind,” Kaylor said. “We’ve given you 10,000 BTUs, three burners, and one of the largest cooking surfaces you’ll find. This combination of power, precision, size and versatility is unmatched in the industry.”

A spokesman said the company’s new Greystone 24” Gas Range is the largest in the industry. The new high-capacity range and oven is meant to allow users to cook the kinds of meals and have the same experiences in the kitchen they’re used to at home.

“OEMs looking for the biggest and best in RV cooking appliances know to turn to Greystone by Way,” said Tom Halbert, head of sales for Way. “The new 24-inch range delivers on that promise.”

With more than 40% more capacity than traditional 17” ranges, RV owners can cook bigger meals and still have room in their RV, the company announced. The range uses more than 8,000 BTUs of power in the burners and can reach up to 500 degrees in the oven.

Greystone by Way has continued to update its gas range line with digital controls for time and temperature and “user-friendly presets to give the same control as the home kitchen,” the company announced.

“As one of our flagship brands, it’s important to us that we continue to push the envelope with Greystone products,” Kaylor said. “We’ve been designing and manufacturing high-quality, good-looking, powerful ranges for years and knew we had to meet the consumer demand for higher capacity. Our new 24” range provides that home-cooking feel from your RV with power and size.”

The new Greystone 24” range is specifically designed and manufactured for RVs. A spokesman said the product only requires a gas hook up and 12V power connection, and is truly built for RV life. The new 24” model is CSA tested and certified for sales across North America.

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