EXCLUSIVE: Keystone RV Offers New Dealer System Integrations

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Keystone RV now can deliver its website leads directly into an expanded set of dealers’ contact relationship management (CRM) systems.

The Keystone website historically has millions of visitors annually, company Director of Marketing and Communications Christy Spencer said. Visitors fill out forms requesting a quote, brochure or discussion with a product advisor, which are all considered leads.

“In 2020, we saw a significant uptick in our web traffic and leads we passed on to dealers,” Spencer said. “As our dealers already know, response time is critical when it comes to customer inquiries. Offering a comprehensive CRM integration package that helps dealers connect with our customers is an important piece of that puzzle.”

In the past, the company has sent leads to dealers via email, Spencer added, who then have to click through the lead information and enter it into their contact database for follow-up.

“It is another step in the process that may or may not get done, and certainly takes some time,” Spencer said. “When a dealer chooses to integrate our lead routing system (Aimbase) with their CRM, the leads will automatically load into the dealer’s contact relationship management system and can follow whatever routing rules or process they use for all of their other leads.”

Keystone partnered with marketing and technology solution provider Rollick to provide continuing support for 19 CRM software systems often used by RV dealers.

“The big wins are time, effort and availability to respond to a prospect quickly,” Spencer said of the company’s initiative. “A lot of dealers try to respond within minutes if not a couple of hours – this integration will allow them to do that.”

CRMs supported in Keystone’s initiative include Activix, ARI Footsteps, CDK, Dealer Socket, Dockmaster, DP360, DX1, Hubspot, Hyperdrive, IDS, Interactive, Motility, MS Dynamix, NetSuite, nixeX Lizzy, ProResponse, Salesforce, Traffic Log Pro and VinSolutions.

Integrations will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, Keystone stated. Interested dealers can find more information and register here.

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